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Friday, March 14, 2014

♥Digital Painting♥

Today I'm gonna talk about my previous artwork as now I'am graduated.:D
Here come my digital painting of G.I JOE The Rise of Cobra.♥
Was done by me by using few days and yet I still not very satisfied. );

The digital painting of tomatoesss :D
Does it looks real?

 Here the zhuzhu painting I had done before.
seem like not really nice/hahah

will be sharing more in future and working up for my portfolio website :D
stay tuned!♥
Any inquiries can contact me at li.wen93@hotmail.com (: 

Talking back to the incident happen 7 days ago, The MH370 flight. 
I have totally no ideas how come this such thing could happen since technology now is better then before.
How come such a bigger plane just disappear like this and also the passenger on board.
It's really makes me feel worries for the passengers and all staff that on board, it have been 7 days and still nothing found even the plane.
Every morning woke up seeking for their news, hoping when woke up the government with helps of others country had found that plane. But still not much news of them then come out a lot of mystery. 
however, we only can pray all the best for them, their family, and friends.
All the best to the rescue team too,
Stay strong, Stay positive.

Saturday, March 1, 2014


Hi dear readers, have been a while I' am not updating the blog.
Due to very personal reason and now yes I came back to my blog and blogging :D

 The lovely family ever! ♥
Thanks for coming in such a hot sunny day and bringing so many flowers and bears!
Love you guys a lot lot ♥

And also Le HARRY POTTER old friendsssss.
nawww..you guys so sweet ♥
Last one, selfie in the hall! ♥
So here come, a lot a lot of things have been happened for this few years and thanks for the support of my parents, lover, family and friends! Glad to have you all!

I' am currently a graduated of diploma of Multimedia Design and now officially a Multimedia Designer! A.A
Yet, I' am owner of Movember_us's online closet
Here our instagram: @movember_us 

Last but not last, my dearest man ♥
We just past our monthsary for 1158days!♥
Thanks you for supporting me all the way, although sometimes
something u cant make it,
I won't blame on you, just u have to rmb I'm always need your care.
Even a small little things 

Wednesday, December 28, 2011






. camwhoreLOL



Thursday, December 22, 2011


homemade Glutinous rice balls

happyWinterSolsticeFest everybody(;
thanks to mama for making it..
it's really so nice:3

she is sitting like a boss :O

Went for starlive last weekend..

lot of nice song is being heard on that day
and finally I know who Alexander is.aha!:3
and live show is awesome!

am so sleepy continue blogging..
just staytuned:p